Pasture good enough to eat

Mixed Pasture of Chicory, Plantain, Lucerne, Rye, Clovers and Native grasses.

About Bo-Warra


Bo-Warra is situated on the rich river flats of the Manning River on the mid North Coast of NSW.


Bo-Warra has been farming Bio-Dynamically since May 2004. No artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used in the production of  our beef. Bo-Warra is fully certified Bio-Dynamic by Demeter.


To give good finish to our prime Murray Grey steers they moved to fresh improved pasture every 2-3 days. Pastures have been improved with a mixture of Lucerne, Chicory, Rye, Vetch, Plantain and Clovers. Finishing our beef on a mixed pasture, provides better nutrients for the cattle and produces beef with real flavour for the consumer.